A downloadable Aodo for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Realm of the Ruthless is a point-and-click action game set in a Xianxia-inspired fantasy world. Players control Meng, the most powerful immortal in the universe who has recently lost all his strength and memories. The player must explore a dark dungeon, fighting off dangerous beasts with martial arts and spells, avoiding traps such as spikes and pitfalls, and solving various kinds of puzzles. You will also experience the game’s story through dialogue with other character.

Install instructions

Download the file for right platforms.  Unzip it and open executable file to run the game. 

[Linux users] please follow the following step:-After unzipping the downloaded file Right click on executable file>Go to properties >permission>check "allow executing file...." >Open game to play.


Realm Of The Ruthless -Windows 91 MB
Realm Of The Ruthless - Mac 99 MB
Realm Of The Ruthless - Linux 115 MB


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Hello, I finally tried the game and I love the progress that you made since the prototype, it runs super well,  the combat is nice altough it would be cool for the character to do some kind of combo so we don't see the same animation over and over again and the fireball is the best thing ever, I just wish I didn't waste all my mana on the first two enemies, the artstyle is very cool the UI is not "In your face" it's something simple and I think it gives the player what he needs to know, I played it for a while and I died at the top-left puzzle. I have seen a couple of bugs however I'm almost sure you are aware of them, very good job.

Hey great job, game is pretty nice and I love how fluid the UI is!

Keep up the great work :)

best game 10/10 IGN, best is the amazing art

I loved this game ❤️